Ability to install and run docker without being root or with restricted permissions

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Good afternoon, I am working with docker and a question I have is if there is the possibility of downloading and installing docker without being a root user or with root permissions, without including it in sudoers, or failing that what kind of permissions It could be assigned to you if you become fully rooted so that you can download and run docker commands.



Hi Cesar,

No, you can't install and run docker without elevated (root) privileges, which is one of the down sides of using docker at all.
You may want to consider using the Red Hat container tools buildah, podman, and skopeo instead, they can run rootless. :)


Installing docker will definitely need root account or account with root privileges. Once installed, you can add your user account to the docker group and then you can run docker commands without sudo. But again, adding user to the docker group would require root privileges.