Changed activation keys and already registered server can't see it.

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Hi all,

I have just add another child channel to existing activation key. When I register new server it can see the new channel. But all systems registered before the activation key change can't see it. Is there any way to make them see it ? Re-register them ?
Or in general: how to cope with scenario when we add another channel to Satellite and want it to be seen on all/some already registered systems ?


I have just tested that I could use "spacewalk-channel --add" but it requires to run it on all servers. Is there any other, more "central" way ?

Activation keys only affect systems at time of use, either on build or registration. So changes to activation keys will only be useful for new provisioning actions.

For existing systems, through the UI, you can select systems (individually or via groups) and use the System Set Manager (select, click Manage in the red section of the Systems bar) to affect channel subscriptions. It will show you all of the available channels, how many systems are already subscribed, and provide you with an action for each channel defaulted to "Do Nothing". You can modify Child and Base channels this way.

I'm sure there's a way to do it via the API as well, but I'd have to sit down and toy with that. Optionally, if you've allowed remote commands, you could also use the System Set Manager to run the "rhn-channel -add" on the set as well.

I am ashamed ;-) - System Set Manager is obviously the easiest way to do that ...