RHEL 6 ldap client does not show secondary groups

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We have been working this problem for two weeks debugging. We have 389-ds running and multi-master with 3 RHEL6 servers and a RHEL5. The RHEL5 ldap clients authenticate correctly to the RHEL6 389-ds directory server and with 'id' command can see all groups a user belongs too.
The same command in a RHEL6 ldap client using sssd shows ONLY the primary group. If we change the ldap clients to point at the RHEL5 389-ds directory server the same results occur. The one consistency is any RHEL6 ldap client we setup will authenticate to either RHEL5 or RHEL6 but the entire list of groups that user belongs to do not transfer independent of server version. We have enumerate set to true and we have ldap_group_member set to uniqueMember. These seems to point to the ldap client as RHEL5 client works just fine and both RHEL5 and RHEL6 389-ds servers react the same but we're not sure how to correct or is it a bug. HELP?