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I need info on how to achive JMS with Jboss without vpn

i have existing application running on AWS which is on cloud with VPN.
now i'm able to consume and recieve message as long as i;m in vpn.
but need a way how to achive this over internet without vpn.
ex: I'm running reciever client of JMS in my localmachine and JBOSS/JMS is in AWS readhat vm and this VM is in cloud.


it would be really great if i could help on this,as we are planning to move to production with redhat jboss.

Sounds like you need to update your AWS infrastructure to meet the new requirements.

Hi Tanks for reply.but weleaving AWS aside how to mke JMS work over internet instead of TCP ports.

I need to have some thing over web/internet which my jms should work over web/internet,