New RHEV Host added but showing non-responsive

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Spun up a new RHEV host to add into a HostedEngine RHVM environment.

When I added the host to a new cluster in a new Data Denter the host is showing non responsive.

Rebooted host and acknowledge reboot in RHVM web portal.

Action items (error message):
This host is in non responding state. Try to Activate it; If the problem persists, switch Host to Maintenance mode and try to reinstall it.

(does activate mean register. Is registered. Did a --force and registered again. Status: subscribed)

Restarting VSDMd was getting SSL error.
ERROR ssl handshake: SSLError, address

Looking at Host in non-responding:
1. both can ping each other
2. VDSM running on new Host and RHVM engine
3. VDSM was restarted
4. SSL certificate on RHVM self signed but not expired
5. Host is up
6. DNS resolves FQDN on both.

Looking at SSL: Certificate verify failed

Basic testing - SSL works fine
1. disabled firewall
2. date is fine
3/4. no proxy or https inspection
5 reinstall root certificate?

Did not see this in the host setup instructions:


Can't get the python-rhsm package on for root cert install because of repositories available, maybe?

Maybe I should format and reinstall the host again?
Any suggestions for troubleshooting?



ssl = true

restarted service. Resolved.