Auto Mount Home Directory with Autofs

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I am having trouble getting Autofs to work. I am currently studying for the big test and have been really struggling to get autofs to work for mounting home directories.

I share it from the server and configure the /etc/auto.master.d/auto.home file, but it doesn't seem to work.

Also if I create user with no home directory as the book says I should it doesn't let them log in.

I can switch to user from admin prompt and it goes to a shell. From that point as I said I can see it mounted, but when I do the pwd it shows up as /hom/admin instead of /home/user30 which is user I am doing.

Server ip
Client ip

On server I have configured exports file:

On client I have configured /etc/auto.master file:
/nfshome /etc/auto.master.d/auto.home

Then I configure auto.home from above:
* -rw

What am I doing wrong here?


Hi Nathan,

How do you switch from admin to user30? There is a difference between "su user30" and "su - user30". In the latter case, the new working directory should be the home directory of user30.

regards, Siem