Querying Dependancy

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We are trying to use Querying module and found that following required dependencies are not past of JDG 6.1 download.

1) hibernate-commons-annotations-4.0.4.Final.jar
2) hibernate-search-engine-4.4.0.Final.jar
3) hibernate-search-infinispan-4.4.0.Final.jar
4) lucene-core-3.6.2.jar
5) lucene-grouping-3.6.2.jar

Is it OK to use from common repository?

Querying feature are mentioned as "Techinical Perview" in JDG 6.1 document.
Will support provided if these feature is used?
If not, will there be any alternative to achieve this?

Vadivel G


Vadivel, I'm still following up here, but you may need to open a support case or contact your company's Middleware TAM team at Red Hat on this one.