deleted flavor label still hanging around

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I created a flavor called s1.16core with ID=10, then I created a flavor called s1.8core with ID=11. I changed my mind and deleted both flavors. Then I created a flavor s1.8core with ID=10. When I launch an instance using flavor ID=10, it shows the flavor labeled s1.16core instead of s1.8core.

In both the dashboard and in nova flavor-list output, there is no s1.16core flavor - only the flavor with ID=10 called s1.8core.

Perhaps this is a cleanup issue in OpenStack? Any ideas on how to resolve this?



This looks like a bug. Can you please open a case for this with steps you followed to create and delete flavors?

If I can get my homemade VM image to work after installing cloud-init then I will open the case for this. I need to get that working...

I just opened a case for this.

Please see this link


Thanks Dave, we'll investigate.

This has been escalated to engineering via bug

You can keep an eye on that bug and engage directly with Engineering, if you wish.

Cheers, Sadique.