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I paid a company to use openLDAP for authonocation on our sever. they are telling me that OPENLDAP is not functional and we must buy a commercial one to get it to use. can you please verify if it is a true story or not?



For what type of authentication - system (SSH) login via PAM? OpenLDAP works fine (our production HPC environment is built around an OpenLDAP server running on RHEL).

If an application (web server?), it may have technical requirements that make OpenLDAP a challenge (e.g. if the app requires "class of service" support but OpenLDAP does not support that).

There is already another, commercial-grade LDAP server available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux - the "389" LDAP server (389-ds-base and related packages). This is the freeware version of the commercial Red Hat Directory Server (but not that Red Hat may not provide technical support for 389 if you use it outside of the context of a licensed, commercial install of either RH Directory Server or RH Identity Management Server).