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Just started to work with the RH OpenStack . The RHOS image goes with the built-in cloud-init support . This may be useful to manage RHOS instances but have to now how ?

May you point me to the RH cloud-init step-by-step guide or examples like :

change instance hostname
register it in DNS

/Vlad .


Hi Vlad. Have you accessed the OpenStack documentation?

Hi ,

I found this :

Not sure if this explains how cloud-init in my RHOS image works .

If you may point me to another resource ?


Vlad, I'll reach out to our OpenStack documentation team to see if that topic is covered. Stay tuned.


I'm not sure about RHOS specific docs for cloud-init, but it's pretty well documented upstream, so you may wish to refer to those docs for now if you don't find what you need in the RHOS documentation.