Snippet issues with '^M'

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I've recently been working on building a snippet for our Satellite (5.4.0). I've tested this snippet, and it runs fine as a script and in general. I wrote it with GVim, and committed it to our SVN before updating our KickStart folders. I've validated the snippet, and the kickstart profiles, and everything looks fine.

However when this snippet is called in a kickstart.. the kickstart doesn't work correctly. Several steps past my snippet call are not being done. After some investigation, I've noticed that the post-build cobbler.ks file shows my snippet is full of "^M"s. The problem was that a EOF call for a configuration write was read as EOF^M, and thus didn't close the write. This caused everything else after it to be part of a print function.

I've no explanation as to why they have the ^M (which is a windows carriage return i believe?). They ONLY show up in the cobbler.ks file. The snippet on the satellite server doesn't show them. I've run a dos2unix over this file, and it was never in notepad or anything of the sort.

Anyone have any insight on anything like this?