OS install failing for rhel8.1

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Hi guys can someone please help me? I am currently doing unattended installation for centos8.1 and I keep getting this error source http://xxx /repo/rhel-8/8.1/os/x86_64 needs network for installation.
Interfaces are currently configured, I can ping gateway and I can ping source ip but it still gives me above error.


Are you using IP address or server name for the http? If server name, is anything set up in hosts file or DNS?

Also what install media are you using?

I am using pulp url as installation media.

Hi thanks for responding. I am using server name and host file and DNS have all been configured. I can use the same setup to install RHEL7 but when I hcange to RHEL8 then I start getting the error.

Hello is there an update on this or the solution?

hi Alexa,

This is a customer forum and I am afraid that we do not know how to solve the issue.

Not all of us you use CentOS, none of us cal open a support case to get Red Hat support involved as the issue is not related to a Red Hat product.

It might be better for the original poster to also open a thread on a CentOS forum and/or mailing list. Maybe he/she already did, you might want to search there.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra