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I signed up for a red hat developer account today. I downloaded redhat 8 and running it in vmware fusion on a mac. I do subscription-manager register. Then enter my username and pwd. It then responds back:
'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

I saw this on the web saying this was fixed, is a dns issue and various other things. I'm obviously resolving dns if I can browse in firefox. I tried some of the other things but I always get this issue. I've also tried reinstalling but no luck.

Any suggestions?


Hello Kristina,

These are the common troubleshooting steps which would needs to be performed and found to fix most of such issues :

# subscription-manager remove --all
# subscription-manager unregister
# subscription-manager clean
# yum clean all
# rm -rf /var/cache/yum/*
# subscription-manager register
# subscription-manager attach --auto

If the above steps doesn't help check out the '/var/log/rhsm/rhsm.log' file for any errors/hints about the failure. Verify if there is any proxy required or not and configure accordingly. Check the settings of the file "/etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf".

Also, make sure that your developer subscription is active. Otherwise, you would not be able to subscribe. You could visit the below link and login to see active/valid subscription tagged in your account.

I hope this helps. All the best!

Hi, I have the same problem, tried the above but did not work. Any ideas? BR

try this command line: subscrition-manager register --force --autosubscribe

Hi, I have the same problem. Apparently there is a problem with RHEL 8.2. What is the rhel version you are using ? If it were possible for you, think about the possibility of changing to version 8.1 for example. That is more stable.

Good luck!

this command not fixing the issue :( still subscrition-manager register --force --autosubscribe

Hi, I have the same problem, the command 'subscrition-manager register --force --autosubscribe' did not work.

system registration with developer subscription working fine with latest rhel8.3 [kvm] image.

I'm having similar issues w/ 7.4. Customer Portal shows the subscription fine, and also the system but unable to link the two.

Name    Subscriptions Attached  Type    Last Check in   Errata
 UnknownGalactus    1   Physical System Not Available   Not Available

The register command returns 'authorized, but just can't associate my subscription to the machine. Cust Portal System page alludes my machine hasn't checked in yet?

[elecht@localhost ~]$ sudo subscription-manager register --username --password xxxxxxxxx --name=Galactus --auto-attach [sudo] password for elecht: Registering to: authorized [elecht@localhost ~]$

Gory stuff below. I'm out of ideas, I am obviously not getting something. I let this set overnight, against it being some 24-hour sync thing but same 'sitch today ..

Penny for anyone's thoughts here ...

[elecht@galactus ~]$ hostnamectl status Static hostname: galactus Pretty hostname: Galactus Icon name: computer-desktop Chassis: desktop Machine ID: 2a1fb3b903fb44568231484c6e8fec57 Boot ID: ba2961b0662f43c486bd9727919dd873 Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4 (Maipo) CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:redhat:enterprise_linux:7.4:GA:server Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64 Architecture: x86-64 [elecht@galactus ~]$

Subscription # 446xxxx Contract # 11349939 Account # 5xxxx

Subscription 1/25/2021`: 8786188 Galactus created successfully with UUID: 4c86b6f5-4102-4535-8c7b-2b110446cb41

Identity Certificate Serial Number 5863695867196425322

Create Date 2021-01-25 Expire Date 2022-01-25

Red Hat Developer Subscription Service Level Self-Support

SKU RH00798

Contract Number Not Available

Start Date January 23, 2021

End Date January 23, 2022

Entitlements Consumed 1 Activation Keys for Organization ID: 11026015

Since this is the first hit on google: the solution found at is to use your username, not your email to register.

did somebody fix this usue?

I am experiencing this same issue when using convert2rhel, and the above solutions don't seem to work. I know my credentials are correct and I am using my username (instead of email).

Registering system by running subscription-manager command ... [03/17/2021 06:54:25] DEBUG - Calling command 'subscription-manager register --force --username=******** --password="*****"' Registering to: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable System registration failed with return code = 70 CRITICAL - Error: Unable to register your system with subscription-manager using the provided credentials. ---------------- the solution is here. Just use username instead of email address. This worked for me. ---------------- the solution is here. Just use username instead of email address. This worked for me also. Thanks @Vamsidhar Galenki

Yes, use your redhat username not the email address while register and it work. for those who have minor issue with copy/past of the link.