Mod Cluster and JBoss

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I'm running JBoss 6.1: a domain controller and 4-JBoss servers. I put in place, mod_cluster in front of the 4 JBoss servers though that presents a single point of failure. So, I put in place a second mod cluster and added it to the proxy list in the admin console. My load balancer will only send traffic to the first mod cluster unless it fails.

I've not seen a way to cluster mod cluster so I'm concerned I might have issues with the configuration described above. Someone suggested to split the JBoss servers under two-separate mod cluster(s) and round robin between the two.

Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

Erick Kendall


Hi Eric. I'm sure we'll be able to help you out with some suggestions here.

I've just added some product and tag metadata to your post. It helps if you remember to do this when you post a question because many users "follow" specific products and this will help bring your topic to their attention!