[VR] Fingerprint Login on RHEL 8.1

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Hello Community,
Hope you all are doing good.

I have a Dell Precision 5540 with RHEL 8.1 installed on it.
It has a builtin fingerprint reader with the power button.
So, I was wondering how to enable it and use it.
Can you please help me with this?

Thank You.


Hi Venkata,

The DELL Drivers & Downloads website does not offer fingerprint readers Linux drivers for the DELL Precision 5540 machine.
I'm not sure if DELL currently does support fingerprint readers on Linux systems at all ... but it would be a good idea to contact
DELL Support and ask them to provide you with matching fingerprint reader Linux drivers, or provide an alternative solution. :)


Thanks Christian, I'll check with Dell support.

You're welcome, Venkata ! I wish you good luck. :)

In linux the support usually is from fprint in a library way via USB. About that link, the only driver ever needed in linux is the nvidia drivers (that comes in some distros but not redhat).

This is the USB device btw, Bus 001 Device 003: ID 27c6:5395