switching to graphical.target from standard user

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My Server is in multi-user (runlevel 3). I want to Login with a Standard User and have GUI start. That I got to work with "sudo systemctl isolate graphical.target". I get the Display Manager and have Login again with that same user, but that's OK. But when I klick on the Gnome-Terminal-Server it log out. I see it open and then just logs out. I installed "xterm" and got the same Problem. I went through serveral other Programs like, Firefox, Settings, and even RedHat Subscribtion Manager all work OK. When I Logout, it goes back to the Display Manager. I logged in with root and everthing works. I had a second Standard User already configured, so I tried that one. It works. So why will Gnome-Terminal-Server and Xterm not work with the user I origanally logged in with? I tried Looking through "messages", but I not a profi and could not find anything. In "/var/log/gdm" is empty. Does anyone have any Ideas? If any info is needed, I can send it, if I know what to send.

I added the bashrc file from the user.



OK fixed it. I had another Problem with Settings.