Installing an old version of Clamav in RHE 7

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Hi all,

I am trying to look for the RHE 7.7 package for Clamav version 0.101.4 (The machine does not have Internet connection so I need the RPM)

I am not able to find it in:

  1. The serach package tool in the RHE website
  2. The clamav website or repositories.

Any idea on where to look for it or how to sort this issue out?




first of all thanks for your feedback.

I found those packages while looking at the Clamav website, while looking for RHE packages. The first thing I did not like was that those packages are, allegadly, for Fedora. It may work as Fedora is a RHE distro based, I know. But I feel not safe by isntalling those.

Anyway I tried and I have some dependencies problems I cannot fix at the moment[*].

Any other source of RPMs for Clamav?

[*] I mean, I can becuase altough the requested packages versions are not in the installation media DVDs, I can download them from the RHE website. My problem is I am susposed to apply a very specific configuration to the system, so I cannot change the version of some of the required (dependencies claimed by the clamav RPM) packages. In theory the I am mimicing a working configuration, this is why it is so stange to me these rpms are asking to upgrade packages which are in an older version in the original system.

Hi Francisco,

Four things : Firstly, you say "I feel not safe by installing those (fedora packages)". But, do you feel safe running
an old version of a package - even though a newer version (which includes security and bug fixes) is available ?

Secondly, you know that EPEL is driven by the Fedora project ... do you ? Thirdly, ClamAV is not available from
the official Red Hat repositories - but you can install the version that is available in the EPEL repositories, and
finally, if you nevertheless want to install an old version (I gave you the links you had asked for), then you have
to solve the dependency issues on your own. Hope this clarifies the situation - I wanted to do you a favor, and
gave you the links. That's all - and to make it clear, I do not recommend to use old versions of any software ! :)


Hi Christian,

Sometimes I feel like discussion on the Internet are prompt to missundertandings. Thanks for the favor, I was not trying to be rude, my apologies if it seemed like that.

  1. I need it for my purpose. That is out of discussion, but thanks for your recommendation. It is acknowledged.
  2. No I did not. Thanks for the information.
  3. Ok, thanks.
  4. Thanks, greatly appreciated.

BR Fran

You're welcome, Francisco ! No, I don't feel you're being rude - I just wondered about the content
of your first response after I had answered the question you asked in your original post. You have asked for download links, not more ... and I gave you the links. But everything is okay, no problem.

Cheers :)

Hi Francisco,

Another option would be to compile ClamAV 0.101.4 from source ... :)


Clamav 101.4 was built for epel7 though was never released. See though beware of bugs as it never finished QA