OpenShift CNV Hyperconverged cluster won't run

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Hello guys,
I am trying to build a VM on OpenShift Code Ready platform using container-native virtualization but two of the pods on the Hyperconverged Cluster won't run. Errors are: Insufficient memory and insufficient and I am unable to add cnv-2.2-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms to the rhel8 repo to install kubevirt-virtctl. I have increased the memory of the VM running the codeready OpenShift platform from 16 GB to 26 GB but the kubemacpool-mac-controller-manager pod is still failing.

Has anyone had these issues?
I'd appreciate any help in getting these issues resolved as I am pretty new to OpenShift.


I have a exact same issue on OpenShift Code Ready on linux. Did you find any resolution?