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Hi, there is there a place where you can see the ETA for 8.2? I know it is an estimate or must you simply work on the 6 months release cycle as the best guesstimate?



The 6 month planned release cycle is stated here so it is more than a guesstimate though the precise release could be affected by other factors such as quality control or expected security updates. Thus I expect RHEL 8.2 in May.

Hi Dirk,

Above everything else : quality beats it all. So whatever release date was planned ... Red Hat delivers the product when it's ready. :)


We don't make exact release targets available for minor releases.

We do however provide the quarter where the release target currently is.

So we can advise that RHEL 8.2 is currently targeted for Q2 2020.

Release of RHEL 8.2 was announced today. It says "RHEL 8.2 is now generally available" but it is not available yet as of now.

I saw an announcement yesterday, but nothing yet just as Akemi Yagi said above. Christian Labisch checked yesterday as well.

Hi RJ,

I ran sudo dnf upgrade --refresh again about an hour ago ... only a few updates for RHEL 8.1 available. :)


Thanks Christian!

You're welcome, my friend ! :)

To All landing here, the best way to check if RHEL 8.2 GA is available will be to visit this site regularly : ... :)


I tuned my mind that 8.2 will release in may (end), But RedHat announced that 8.2 is in GA stage with a suspense of release date "Soon"... Why? Why RedHat? My hearts pumps fast when ever I visit RedHat Customer Portal. This is the best suspense release.

I am also checking the download page, here in India, but not able to see RHEL-8.2. I understand it is tough time, but then there was no need as well to publish the Blog about RHEL-8.2 GA. Just the events are not synchronized blog v/s release availability

Nevertheless, I keep on checking Download Page

Why not synchronized, on blog is only information that GA will be soon and it describe what will be available.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2 will be GA soon

Hi All,

On Twitter I found remarks, that it was supposed to be a pre-Summit announcement, and that the GA most likely will be released either on 28 or 29 april 2020.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

It could be a good week for releases, as Fedora 32 will be out on 28th, and CentOS 7.8 looks fairly close to release as well.

It looks like you can update to RHEL 8.2 with dnf update now, but I don't think the isos are available yet.

Hi Michael,

Confirmed : Running sudo dnf upgrade --refresh today got me to RHEL 8.2 ... :)


The RHEL 8.2 isos are also now available to download.

Thanks for the information, Michael ! :)

Thanks, @Christian and @Michael!

You're welcome, RJ ! :)

All Satellite admins,

To add to the discussion, the content for Satellite is also available. Managed to update my home lab RHEL 8.1 server and VMs to RHEL 8.2.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra