Deleting RHEV Data center from the database

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Hi all...I have a specific situation with my RHEV setup and I was wondering if someone can help.While I was setting up my RHEV platform, I created a test Data Center, Cluster, storage domain and couple of virtual machines. The storage domain was a iSCSI storage from an external storage device. Now, I accidentally deleted the LUN that was presented as storage domain on that storage device and now I cannot remove any of the components - if I try removing the virtual machines it tells me that it cannot access the storage domain (makes sense). If I try deleting the cluster it say it cannot delete it as it has virtual machines present (again, makes sense). If I try deleting the Data center, it says it cannot do it because the storage domain is not present and there are resources, clusters and VM-s present (once again, makes perfect sense).

Now I was wondering if it is possible to delete these resources directly from the SQL database? Would this work at all? I don't have SQL Management Studio installed on the server (it only installed the configuration tools and some other stuff) but I was thinking of connecting to it from some other SQL server....SO, finally, my question is how do I go about this? Am I missing something obvious? Will this be possible in the way I described it? Thanks for any help...