Deleting RHEV Data center from the database

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Hi all...I have a specific situation with my RHEV setup and I was wondering if someone can help.While I was setting up my RHEV platform, I created a test Data Center, Cluster, storage domain and couple of virtual machines. The storage domain was a iSCSI storage from an external storage device. Now, I accidentally deleted the LUN that was presented as storage domain on that storage device and now I cannot remove any of the components - if I try removing the virtual machines it tells me that it cannot access the storage domain (makes sense). If I try deleting the cluster it say it cannot delete it as it has virtual machines present (again, makes sense). If I try deleting the Data center, it says it cannot do it because the storage domain is not present and there are resources, clusters and VM-s present (once again, makes perfect sense).

Now I was wondering if it is possible to delete these resources directly from the SQL database? Would this work at all? I don't have SQL Management Studio installed on the server (it only installed the configuration tools and some other stuff) but I was thinking of connecting to it from some other SQL server....SO, finally, my question is how do I go about this? Am I missing something obvious? Will this be possible in the way I described it? Thanks for any help...



Right click the "Data Center" and chose "Force Remove".

I don't have that option. I am using 2.2 version of RHEV Manager...

If you right click the Data Center, do you have the "Destroy" option. I don't remember whether that was available in 2.2 or not. If yes, please click that that will remove Storage domains and vms from db. Then you can remove cluster and data center after that.

You had to remove master storage domain from the UI before removing the LUN. Unfortunately RHEV2.2 is EOL now and It's not possible to destroy Master SD if I remember correctly. I'd like to suggest you to export all VMs into new supported environment.

Firstly I apologize for not getting back on this issue as I was away.

I do not need the VMs from this DC. I just want to visually remove it from the RHEV Manager - it is annoying to even see it there. So it is not a question how to save this infrastructure, I simply want to remove it from RHEV Manager and I was wondering if this is possible via some database or something?