FreeBSD 9.1 support for RHEV 3.2

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I am keen to get this working. Our freeBSD kernel dev made the following appraisal:

In this case hypervisor apparently exposes MCE capabilities MSR (0x179) to OS, but produces a general protection fault on an attempt to write an MCE status register. This should be a bug in hypervisor. I think that it should be possible to work around it in FreeBSD kernel code."





First of all : FreeBSD is unsupport guest OS in RHEV.
Do you have backtrace?
There is bug with FreeBSD and SMP in kvm environment [1] and workaround [2] can you reproduce the issue with one core?



Thank you for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, we haven't kept the environment.

All I've got now is these two screenshots:
(I presumed that you meant the FreeBSD backtrace)


I have opened this RFE:
If you are interested in having this OS supported as RHEV guest, please open a support ticket with us and we will add it to this RFE.

Thank you,
Marina Kalinin,

We currently do not have a requirement to get this working.
For what it's worth, we have no problem running the same version of FreeBSD on top of KVM that comes with 3.11 kernel, e.g. in Ubuntu.

In case you open an actual case and we add your case number to the RFE, it will add more weight to this feature request to be considered sooner.

Hello, Andrew, I have an update for you.
The RFE was decided to be closed with wont-fix status. And this is because RHEV is going to inherit RHEL behaviour from upstream. Current reports show that qemu 0.14 and higher works with FreeBSD OS. This qemu version should be available in RHEL7.
Please see this article for more details: