RBAC Custome Roles

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Are you able to change the role name to match your group name that is that that particular role.

Ex. The active role is SuperUser and the group name is SYSADMIN, but I want the active role name to SYSADMIN but keep its SuperUser privileges.

Is that possible?


Hi Jason.

I'm not clear if you want the heavy instance of something called MLS SELinux, this link has Red Hat Videos which certainly does achieve RBAC.

Are you running SELinux on the intended system (would that work for your scenario)? Please provide us more details to help you with this matter, such as what is your goal of the server (what role will it perform, server, workstation, web server, file transfer server, etc). You did mention above "RBAC with "SYSADMIN" role, however, it's unclear of the role of the server you intend to do this on.

I say this because MLS SELinux works on a non-graphical server running a heavy unique version of SELinux that most people have never experienced ever, and is generally never taught in any Red Hat class I've heard of. I've dealt with MLS SELinux, but it's application is not widespread, it is quite rare in use. That link I provided is a series of videos done by a Red Hat rare expert named David Egts on the topic of MLS SELinux.

Please let us know, Kind Regards,