Lock stealed when slave broker restart

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We are having a problem on Fuse-AMQ 6.3.0 424 R14 (and 377 R11) with a NFS master/slave configuration. Sometimes, when we restart the slave fuse-amq broker it steal the lock and becomes master, stopping the previous master.

This happens occasionally... Can it be a NFS server configuration issue?

We have defined the following properties in the kahaDB persistence adapter:
* lockKeepAlivePeriod="2000"

and in the shared-file-locker:
* lockAcquireSleepInterval="10000"

Any other settings to consider?



Hello Andres,

If you happen to have an AMQ subscription, please open a support case for your problem and we will be happy to help you. Otherwise NFSv4 is a requirement for running the broker in a master/slave set up via a shared file system. NFSv3 does not work correctly with the required file locking.