Migrate RHEV Manager

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We're looking to migrate our RHEV Manager.

In the process we will change the FQDN (and IP), change the ports to 80 and 443.
Has anyone done this and have all the steps and requirements?

I guess it's more or less:
1. Setup the new RHEVM-host and install RHEVM with the new config (e.g the new FQDN and ports etc).
2. Import a database dump from the existing installation.
3. Remove and add the hypervisors (to get the new certificate).

Am I missing something?
Is it possible to do this without downtime of the virtual machines?


What is the version of RHEV?

Since this involve hostname and ip change for RHEV-M, it's not possible to do without downtime to vms as this requires shutting down vms, removing hypervisor and re-registering it.

Below links will help you

3.1 - https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/342103
3.0 - https://access.redhat.com/site/node/202333

Thanks Sadique. Ended up creating a support ticket about it to ensure a secure and supported migration.

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Hi Gil - I've created a new discussion your issue at the link above.


We haven't yet had the time to perform the migration to a new host (including changing FQDN and IP).
In the support ticket we got this information:
"From rhevm 3.3 onwards we have prepared a script to perform all the required steps to change the FQDN of the rhevm system"

Does anyone know if this exists in the beta? Anyone who have successfully used this script?