Enterprise Linux 7.6 drivers for AMD E8860 graphics card

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Hi all - Sorry if this is a stupid question but I dont have to do something like this much, kind of a newbie:

I'm looking for AMD E8860 drivers for RHEL 7.6 - I see here:


rev. 15.101.1007 is the last version that says it supports RHEL, but only 7.0 and 6.5.

Will the latest version here:

which only says it supports flavors of Ubuntu, work ? Or should I use the legacy version even if it doesnt say it supports my exact version of RHEL?

This is an important issue because I need to utilize each of the 6 outputs of the card independently, and I'm assuming if I dont get the right driver this wont work.

Thank you!


Last time I used AMD's proprietary driver, it was using a thing called "kmod" where the driver builds a kernel module for your system's kernel version, and keeps that driver updated on boot after you update the kernel.

So if the 15.101.1007 does that, then it should work with all RHEL 7, regardless of minor version or kernel package.

However, before you do that, try it without any third-party driver. The open source AMD driver is pretty good these days and I expect is reasonably up-to-date in RHEL7. It may "just work" and drive your 6 monitors with no third-party module juggling required.

By try it without any third-party driver, do you mean just use whatever came along with the RHEL 7 install? Or something else to download and install separately?

Yes, I mean just try with plain RHEL and no other changes.

If it works, then great!

If not, then try the third-party driver.

Hi Preston,

The AMD drivers you've mentioned only support deprecated editions of ubuntu, so they won't work on newer editions of
ubuntu and especially not on any RHEL editions, simply because the installer recognizes that it's not a supported system.

RHEL ships with open source AMD graphics drivers out-of-the-box, which by the way have a better quality than the AMD
proprietary drivers. Please follow Jamie's advice above and use the built-in open source drivers, I assume they will work. :)


You guys are awesome thank you!

You're welcome, Preston ! Glad we could provide useful information. :)