Broadcom 4322 WLAN in HP ProBook 4515s, working driver

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RHEL 6.4 does not bind to my Broadcom 4322 WLAN adapter, although I can see the adapter in lspci and lsmod. When I add the adapter and enter the MAC the Network Connections aplet does not report an error. When I enter the command "service network restart" I get the following message:

Bringing up interface Wireless_connection_1: Error: No suitable device found: no device found for connection 'Wireless connection 1'.

Is there an easy fix for this? I have spent hours today on the web looking for answers, but all I find are directions on how to download code, run myriad commands to de-tar, unzip, make, grep, flip and flop it around--all with no success.

I have three identical HP ProBook 4515s laptops, and the other two run Windows and the wireless adapter works fine in both of them. I don't have the time or the inclination to mess around getting it to work. Does RHEL not support the BCM 4322? If not, which distro should I be running?