Looking for a cfg2html rpm for RHEL8

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Reg : Looking for a cfg2html rpm for RHEL8.

I'm looking for an cfg2html rpm for RHEL8 server.
Earlier we have used /usr/bin/cfg2html provided by package cfg2html-linux-2.25-1.noarch in RHEL6 and cfg2html-1.79-1.el7.rf.noarch.rpm for RHEL7 for extracting server configurations.

Can someone please guide me on this.



Hi Chandrasekaran,

I have checked some external repositories - unfortunately the package cfg2html is currently not available for CentOS/RHEL 8 ... :)


Hi Chandrasekaran,

I am one of the contributors to CFG2HTML and have good relationship with Ralph Roth (who, coincidentally, works for SUSE in Germany).

I must admit I did not work on CGH2HTML for a while, but now that you ask about RHEL 8, I will contact Ralph and maybe we can do something about it soon.

I am not sure if he still actively maintains the package because I see that website https://www.cfg2html.com/ is down.


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Hi Dusan,

I seems to me cfg2html is migrated to github.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra