Need to understand the impact of systemctl daemon-reexec

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Dear all,

We are running RHEL 7.4 version on a machine(kernel version 3.10.0-693), we need to understand the impact of running "systemctl daemon-reexec" command on this system. I read from the systemd man page that "While the daemon is being reexecuted, all sockets systemd listening on behalf of user configuration will stay accessible". Could you please help on this to understand whether any impact on the running application on the server during the systemctl daemon-reexec" command run.


Hi Sumesh,

This command simply restarts systemd without a system reboot.

No impact on the running applications should happen.

I ran this command (more for fun than real need) number of times and never experienced an issue.

However, let me be clear: the magic of life is that it is unpredictable - events that are supposed never to happen, do happen sometimes . In IT business, they are mostly created through poor programming and lazy coding (of course, humans like to hide behind words like "bugs").

Not long ago, I was at the airport travelling abroad when the computer systems went down. We all waited good several hours. Then some technician came and started rebooting the servers. One of the officers at the airport asked him what was wrong. The technician's answer was pure gold:

Well, the problem is either hardware or software...

Best wishes,

Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Thanks Dusan Baljevic. I think hopefully I won't run into any problem. As advised, I will proceed with "systemctl daemon-reexec" command on my production machine :)

I did "systemctl daemon-reexec" and don't see any impact. Thanks Dusan Baljevic for the timely response.