How to connect remote server running on vm for jboss migration

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I am trying to migrate jboss from my local virtual box to jboss which is installed on rhel 8 in azure cloud.

i am executing below jboss migration command from my local linux vm, but i dont know right syntax to define target jboss , below is the command i am executing in my local

sh --source /home/admin/Downloads/jboss-eap-7.2.0-target/jboss-eap-7.2/ --target ssh vmadin_2019@

but above syntax for target is wrong. getting invalid argument.

i need to know what is correct syntax to connect remote (target) vm for jboss migration tool.


can anyone response to this post, is it right place to ask jboss related questions?.. let me know appropriate discussion group on jboss, in specific on migration tool.

Hi Prabaharan,

It is an appropriate question and the right place to ask ... but you need to wait until someone chimes in who knows the answer. :)