Accidentally deleted all nodes

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I accidentally deleted ALL of my openshift cluster nodes. Using 'oc delete nodes -n openshift-network' instead of 'oc delete pods -n openshift-network' when I was solving some dns issue....

My cluster is gone now. It is still registered on red had openshift console manager. I have not yet done anything about it since deletion. (no nodes restart, nothing). Is there any way I can restore it quickly?


Do you have an etcd backup? If so use that.

Hi Michal Florek,

Sorry your intro to the Red Hat discussion forum has you and Darragh with some severe OpenShift issues. Sadly, I've never dealt much with OpenShift except with some of the initial learning courses. I'm hoping some of our other regulars might have some experience.

I just polled some of other members of the Accelerator Group (Red Hat Accelerators, we are not Red-Hatters though), but I can't guarantee a timely response (we do not work for Red Hat). Sometimes Red-Hatters do come to the discussion area.

This sounds like a severe case please do submit a priority case, because this is a supported product and this is obviously severe.

Sorry I can't help you, we've not yet installed OpenShift where we are at.


Michal Florek,

For the potential Red-Hatters and non-Red-Hatters that would examine your matter above, please let us know some details. Example, what version of Openshift? Please see Darragh's suggestion above. Also, anything a near-outsider to your issue might ask initially. But see my last post please.


Hope you have an etcd backup! You can just create a cluster with the same inventory file and any custom configs you did, then restore etcd and certs if necessary.

Michal, Jay Ryan here is another member of the Red Hat Acclerator group. While we are not employees with Red Hat, we have many experts within our group, of which he is one. Please review his update above and the link he provided.

Please let us know what version you are using and also make sure to mention the version in your case with Red Hat too.