How to create a custom GRUB2 as similar to RHEL7

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I would like to create a custom menu entry on RHEL 8 as similar to the article It seems the new way to read menu entry is different in RHEL8, Could anyone help me to add a custom entry to the RHEL 8 image and it should boot with all .ova upload without throwing grub issue.

Note: My intention is to provide a .ova which should be uploaded to any ESX machine and booted without throwing grub issue


Custom menu entries (for example configured in the 40_custom file) should still work regardless of the other changes in the grub file, however you can get back to the old style grub file by setting GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=false in /etc/default/grub and rebuilding the grub.cfg file by running grub2-mkconfig following the instructions in the document you linked to.