RHCOS 4.2 Install issues

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I am installing RHCOS 4.2 on bare metal x3850-X5 hw and attempting to build the bootstrap server. We are using the file - rhcos-4.2.0-x86_64-metal-bios.raw.gz for installation but getting error "Failed Fetching Image Header" of the above mentioned file. I attempted to open support case but we have not purchased a support contract. I am the team lead of the Austin Dev Lab and working to create a POC for new project using the Redhat OCP. I am unable to attach the error report.
What are our options?


Run this command on your bastion node .Sometimes, when serving certain files with restricted privileges over http with SELinux enabled, you need to set the correct SELinux context for it to work (e.g. content from ISOs)

chcon -R system_u:object_r:httpd_sys_content_t:s0 /opt/nginx/html/

We had SELINUX disabled on the http server. I also tried to run the command on the server but got an error of not supported on the image file and ignition file. I moved to /tmp directory and chcon appeared to work. You mentioned the bastion node, I assume you mean the lab firewall. The juniper fw does not support chcon.

I then copied the files directly onto the bootstrap server that we are attempting to install using file:// and getting same fetch image header error.

check the local firewall on the bastion

Hey, this still an issue?

In my case, this was because the DHCP server wasn't handing out the right DNS server, so it couldn't resolve my webserver. You can check this by adding ip=


So you would be adding this as part of the kernel arguments when you press tab during boot. The same way you add coreos.inst.install_dev=sda, etc

For more details, see the static IP example here: https://blog.openshift.com/openshift-4-bare-metal-install-quickstart/