RHEL7 Extended Life-cycle support

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According to https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata RHEL7 has N/A set for End of Extended Life-cycle Support.

Could you clarify what happens with RHEL7 after June 2024 (End of Maintenance Support 2). Is it reasonable to assume Redhat will offer ELS until 2028?


Hi Anders,

I cannot speak for Red Hat, but here is my view.

Hopefully somebody from Red Hat can provide an authoritative answer:

a) So far, Red Hat has always offered ELS for their O/S releases after the end of the Maintenance Support 2.

b) For versions of products in ELS, Red Hat provides limited ongoing technical support. No bug fixes, security fixes, new features, or root-cause analysis are available during this phase. Also, support is provided on existing installations only.

In other words, ELS provides minimal benefits to a reasonable person.

c) Red Hat reserves the right to terminate the ongoing support in ELS for a particular version of O/S at any time.

d) Based on b) and c) above, common sense says that it is best to plan the migration from RHEL 7 before June 2024.


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

This is a good answer. We have no additional information beyond this at the moment.

The statements in b) and c) are copied from Extended Life Phase description, which I assume is something different from ELS.

For Extended Life-cycle Support Add-On, ELS, I understand that security fixes etc would be included, and there is no mention of termination rights once the date is set. Is that correct?

The wording from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle is:

Extended Life-cycle Support (ELS) is an optional Add-On subscription for certain Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions. Available during the Extended Life Phase for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6, the ELS Add-On delivers certain critical-impact security fixes and selected (at Red Hat discretion) urgent priority bug fixes and troubleshooting for the last minor release. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, the ELS Add-On covers the IBM z Systems and the x86 architecture, both 32-bit and 64-bit variants with the exception of the Itanium architecture. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the ELS Add-On covers the IBM z Systems and the x86 architecture, both 32-bit and 64-bit variants. Add-Ons are not covered by ELS.

There is no mention of RHEL 7, and I have no idea if there will be ELS for RHEL 7.

There is still an opportunity to make this more clear, so I would appreciate a few answers: https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata#Life_Cycle_Dates clearly states RHEL7 ELS add-on ends June 30, 2026.

Is there a reason why only RHEL6 is mentioned under https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata#Extended_Life_Cycle_Support

And in Overview, under the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 heading on https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata it is rather confusing as it only states 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 customers may purchase annual Add-on subscriptions called Extended Life-cycle Support (ELS)'

Currently RHEL 7 is in the Maintenance Support phase, and will continue to be in that phase for over a year. There is no need to pay for RHEL7 ELS until near the end of Maintenance Support phase. But the chart shows that ELS will be offered for RHEL7.