Cannot login with gui on a realm joined system

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some of my users are unable to login to my rhel 7.7 machine using their domain credentials.

System is connected to a Windows AD utilizing Realm.

I have checked /etc/pam.d/system-auth is the same system-auth as is being utilized by that another RHEL-7.

I am seeing in logs:
1. PAM unable to dlopen (/usr/lib64/security/
2. PAM adding faulty module
3. pam_sss authentication = success

Also in the logs I see when trying to log into gui is:
1. g_array_unref: assertion 'array' failed

I am able to login through cmdline.

Any thoughts?


I have been unable to find anything. I am able to login with root and get a gui interface. But for domain accounts, only command line is working properly.

I am not able to ssh into the box anymore. I have restarted SSH through systemctl. When I run a systemctl status sshd I see that when a user tries logging into the box it through a error: "Access is denied for user by PAM account configuration [preauth].

I have the workstation setup with realm and utilizing a windows 2008r2 domain controller. Why would this just now happen after i was able to login and ssh last week. No updates have been run.