Migrate XenServer to RHEV

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I want to migrate Virtual Machine with OS guest (RHEL.6_x64) that run on Hypervisor XenServer. I read documentation VIRT-V2V Guide but I don't understand some things. This the scenario

Machine 1

  • HOST ---->XenServer Hypervisor IP:
  • GUEST_A --->"RHEL_x64" Operate System IP:

Machine 2

  • HOST ---> RHEL-H Hypervisor 6.4 IP:
  • GUEST _B ---> "Centos Minimal" Operate System
  • GUEST_C ---> EMPTY -- Here should be GUEST_A From XenServer.

Machine 3

  • RHEV-Manager software.

My question is virt-v2v software where should be installed, on RHEL-Manager or RHEL-Hypervisor or Guest OS ???