RHEL8 - web app using mod_proxy_uwsgi

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In the RHEL 8.0 release notes it mentions a new apache module called mod_proxy_uwsgi
This module would allow you to write web apps in multiple programming languages, and then serve them using the apache web server
BUT, as far as I can tell, the actual uwsgi server is not in BaseOS or AppStream, so out-of-the-box there's no supported way to use the new mod_proxy_uwsgi module?


Hi Gerry,

I myself am waiting for server RHEL 8 drivers to be built for me to test it.

At present, I do not think you have any choices but:

a) Monitor EPEL and see when they provide it. Currently, you have RHEL 7 version:


b) Build it yourself with Python 3.x and a C compiler. An example:



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