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Looking in the documentation [1] it is not clear how to have a No-NAT routable Openshift networking for the PODs.

I believe that the relevant settings are the following hosts' file variables:


(Optional) If the ncp/no_snat=true annotation is applied on a project or namespace the subnet will be taken from this IP block and there will be no SNAT for it. It is expected to be routable.

nsx_external_ip_pool='external_pool_for_snat'# (Requred) IP pool for SNAT (and load balancer if nsx_external_ip_pool_lb is not defined). nsx_external_ip_pool_lb='my_ip_pool_for_lb'# (Optional) Set this if you want a distinct IP pool for Router and SvcTypeLB.

My guess is that I have to define nsx_no_snat_ip_block and manully adding the annotation ncp/no_snat in each projet. Then I would need to have a dummy nsx_external_ip_pool. I mean dummy because it will not be used/needed. Then nsx_external_ip_pool_lb doesn't need to be defined either.

Another thing that the setting confuses me is that the settings seems to only apply to egress but my guess is that they also apply to ingress. If not how it is meant to be setup/work for ingress as well?

My use case is when


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