How to install Heroku CLI on RHEL8

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I need to manage a few websites of mine which are deployed/scaled on a cloud platform called Heroku. Heroku provides a CLI tool for creating and managing your Heroku apps (a django built website in my case). The installation options for installing the Heroku CLI can be found here but there is no yum install for this from what I know.

My options are purely limited to...

Ubuntu 16+
snap install --classic heroku

Arch Linux
yay -S heroku-cli

Standalone (which they recommend for docker containers)
curl | sh

npm (Heroku strongly recommends against this)
npm install -g heroku

Snaps won't work (obviously), i'm unfamiliar with docker and I'm not well adverse with how to use npm. By visiting the link above and read what Heroku says about the npm method, it doesn't sound like that's a good option. I've searched around for how to install this tool on CentOS8/RHEL8 but nothing comes up. Therefore, I was hoping someone could enlighten me on the correct installation procedure and if not too much trouble the detailed commands (steps) that I should take.

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I think the best option is "npm install -g heroku". You can also install other rpm package: npm-ckeck-updates to keep your node.js packages up to date. Regards