RHEL8 - Where is the OpenVPN support for the NetworkManager?

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Normally, one would expect to install the NetworkManager-openvpn and NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome packages in order to be able to create VPN connections using the GNOME settings panel. I cannot find them in the RHEL8 / EPEL8 repositories.


Hi Panos Asproulis,

I could not find OpenVPN from Red Hat or within EPEL (Anyone correct me if you can find it in Red Hat 8 or EPEL). However, examine this source https://openvpn.net/vpn-software-packages/redhat/ to see if the upstream third party software will work from you.



Thank you for the reply. Support for OpenVPN is available in RHEL8, what is missing are the packages which integrate OpenVPN with the NetworkManager so that one can use the NetworkManager under GNOME in order to manage VPN connections. There are other NetworkManager packages for additional networking features but not for OpenVPN which is strange. Fedora and all other major distros have these packages available in their standard repositories.

It looks like openvpn has been built for EPEL 8 but it hasn't made it to the main or testing repositories yet (so could have problems). There are NetworkManager-openvpn packages in EPEL 7 but presumably openvpn needs to be in EPEL 8 before they can be built there.

I wish it was available myself.

However, you can at least get it at that source I found, the upstream project



Fortunately, there is Flathub. Otherwise there would be only a few applications available. Why does RHEL come with so few packages?

Hi Panos,

RHEL 8.0 is the first initial release of this series, where the main focus is to make the base system as stable as
even possible. Applications come in second place - maybe we see more packages once RHEL 8.1 gets released.
RHEL generally ships with a huge amount of software packages, as you can see in the settled series RHEL 7. :)


I keep my fingers crossed! In the meantime Flathub does a great job.

Yes Panos, it's always good to have an alternative solution ... :)

I have requested from the NetworkManager-openvpn package owner if they will make a branch for EPEL8. If they do so I will build the package in the next coming days.

That would be great. Thank you very much!

https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2019-751f3aed2a Please test when it appears in epel-testing tomorrow or so.

I installed the packages and they work great. Thank you a lot!

Thanks Stephen Smoogen for your assistance, please thank the NetworkManager-openvpn package owner



Thanks from me too, Stephen ! :)


These packages are not working here for RHEL8.

Hi Robert, could you file a bug or give more information on how they are not working. Also the version of RHEL-8 that they are not working on.

Hello Stephen, I am using RHEL 8, in which repository could I find them now? Aren't they in RHEL 8 epel?

Hello Stephen, I am using RHEL 8, in which repository could I find them now? Aren't they in RHEL 8 epel?

They are currently in EPEL, but EPEL is not an official product from Red Hat or a part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As such you have to install the repository from download.fedoraproject.org

Thank you, I have to check it, I think that I had an issue configuring the EPEL repo for RHEL 8 and that is why it did not work for me. Thank you very much for your answer!

is subscription required for the installation of networkmanger for VPN?