How to purchase the certification exams ?

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Hi Team,

I'm looking for the RHCSA certification exam and when I tried to purchase, the system ask me to provide purchase order or training unit which I'm not aware of.

additionally, I have learned by myself as I have 8 years of Linux experience. therefore, I'm not looking for training or buying any books. just let me sit for the exam and I'm willing to pay for it. why this is not simple and straight forward option please ?

appreciate your assistance on this.


Hi Mayurathan Vimasivan,

Please contact the Red Hat training people at this link You will find a list of phone numbers, and you can click on the region of the world you live in.



Thank you Hinton for your prompt response. much appreciated. I have sent an email to the training team and hoping to get positive response soon :)

Glad to hear Mayurathan Vamasivan, remember, you can call them in your region too from that link I provided. Wish you well with the test



Agree with Mayur, it should let us choose the center and date for the exam rather it is a long and tedious process

We have ordered the exam serveral times. But, really it is not straigtforward procedure, just because several components of prdering system is not well integrated. 1. Login to portal. (this is mandatory to make order) 2. goto 3. Choose the exam of interest, for example RHCSA and follow the link (for this example: ) 4. Choos the EXAM tab - there will be link to the exam description * EX200 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam 5. follow the link 6. Here will be listed Objectives, other critical information and at right side - fields to just Start ordering the exam: * location - country of interest, where You wish to pass it * exam format: Classroom, On-site (not for all exams yet), and Individual (aka Kiosk) * Cost information - it is also informative, because it differs depending on format and location (i am not sure field is refreshed automatically). Click "Get Started' 7. You will be pointed to Trainings/Exam ordering portal 8. The search fields will be pre-filled with data from previous pages. Before searching and adding to the Cart - You have to LOGIN HERE again! If You will add something to the Card - this will be discarder on next steps (on login). You can get message "Your shopping card is empty" or like that. But You can not login here, because You has already been logged in to Red Hat main portal (see step 1). (Note: if You has nit logged to Red Hat main portal - it is possible not to find the exam with "Get Started" (ordering) button. But if You are in, the "login" link should not be displayed. True? Logically! The problem is the Trainging/Exam ordering portal does not track this all this details. In other words - we have to activate LOGIN exactly when we are there. But at current stage there is no such button visible. 9. The only way how to do this - add something to the Card and continue (it will be discarded after login, but do not mind - You can add the items again after ACTIVATED Login. 10. So, add exam to the Card, go to Checkout, Click Login - If You are lucky - it will track single sign on infomration form main Red Hat portal and display message "Your Card does not contain any order". 11. If You got this - Bingo! 1st part of process is Done. 12. Them - do like in regular e-shop - seach, add to card, checkout and process with payment. 13. The rest of process have some hints too. But it is much easier them puzzle before. Hope this will help anyone. May be I will publish full story someday later. 10.

Thanks Andrey! Why it has to be this complicated?

Hi, I get the order number via prepay method, now I am sitting with a Order number with Enrolment status - Approved, strangely Enrolment key is to be expired on "Expiry: 05-Jun-49" 2049 I believe.

May I ask what should I do next ? just to update no email has been triggered after completion of this event.

Many thanks.

did you find the solution

Next step is to schedule the exam (individual or "kiosk") at trainig center (on-site or online). You have to provide the "Enrolment key" during this procedure. You should receive requirements and instructions. Please, review the Approvement e-mail, which should contain links to instructions on how to schedule the exam You had ordered.

Im at the same point. An order number, enrolments status aproved, then what?

The same issue without any solution. It just keeps showing me the login page and once I am in, the course couldn't be found within the modules.

Hossein Ojani, (Or anyone else who comes here with either a training question, or an issue with their Learning Subscription)

If you need help with your Learning subscription, contact Red Hat through a ticket, it is a supported product, and the best method is a ticket directly with Red Hat.

For those of you who have issues dealing with getting a order number, or something like that, please contact Red Hat Training at the link I provided earlier in this discussion. Red Hat can assist you in this specific matter, we can not.

Kind Regards,

I am facing the same issue I prepared for 4 months and I have surprised about the exam purchase process .!

I know WTF - every other IT cert vendor will sell you the exam or a bundle with an "official" study guide from their website WITHOUT having to speak with a salesperson.

I can't even Google-up a certified "official" Redhat study guide - just a bunch of other people's stuff.

Take a look at Read all the text for overview, then switch to sub-topics. There are 3 options:

* Enroll in a classroom exam - at Red Hat's rooms. All kind of exams can be passed there.
* Enroll in an individual exam - without training, just pass the exam at nearest certification centre (in most cases at some Red Hat partner's prepared exam-rooms, not at Red Hat. It is also known as "kiosk" in ordering system - there is "K" suffix added to exam name. For instance: EX200K, EX300K.
Note: some exams may be not available for this option, just because if specific technical requirements.
* Taking exam remotely (from your office/home room). There are some requirements like: You should be alone in the room, no documents, other computers and similar helpers should be around. Web camera is mandatory.
Take a look at:  []
- there is link to video with detailed explanations. Now it points to: