Cannot install Satellite

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I'm trying to deploy Redhat Satellite using the following software ISO's...


I am running the Satellite installer and I have the following error...

Error: Package: foreman-selinux-1.20.0-1.el7sat.noarch (satellite-local)
Requires: selinux-policy >= 3.13.1-229.el7_6.5
Installed: selinux-policy-3.13.1-229.el7.noarch (@anaconda/7.6)

The error is repeated for pulp-selinux and candlepin-selinux.

It appears to be some kind of package dependency but I am using the latest packages available. From the Redhat downloads these are the only versions available?

Any idea what software I need to get this working?



Hello, I think simultaneously installing selinux-policy and selinux-policy-targeted with the latest versions for RHEL7.6 will fix this. Download the packages from the portal.

Hello Thomas,

Will you use the Satellite connected or disconnected?

If connected, add the Satellite repository to the server.

If disconnected Stephen's way should be used, for each package the installer complains about. Can be time consuming.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Yes, sorry I neglected to say. This is a disconnected environment. Thanks for your responses. Sounds like I need those two packages... I downloaded these...

selinux-policy-targeted-3.13.1-229.el7_6.15.noarch.rpm selinux-policy-3.13.1-229.el7_6.15.noarch.rpm

They appear to be the latest although they have a different filename from the suggested 3.13.1-229.el7_6.5.

Lets hope they help.

Unfortunately this did not help resolve the issue at all. Further dependencies occurred when trying to install these packages as well. The dependencies listed appeared to be the same packages that were already installed.

I think I had to have RHSCL (Red Hat software collections) when I installed satellite for my disconnected satellites. **However please refer to these instructions for satellite 6.5.1 for a disconnected environment

I'm going to be doing an install myself this week, maybe tomorrow of Satellite 6.5.1. I'll post back here.




This could not be fixed. I deployed another system using the rhel-server-7.7-x86_64-dvd.iso. This issues did not exist for this distribution. The fix therefore is to deploy RHEL 7.7 when using Satellite 6.5.1 (satellite-6.5.1-rhel-7-x86_64-dvd.iso) on a disconnected system.

Thanks for all your help.

Indeed, any Satellite minor/z-stream version is built/verified/supported against the latest RHEL version (available at the moment of GA of the Satellite version). For Sat6.5.1, it was RHEL7.7.

Thomas Bridle,

Thank you for posting this. I'm building a satellite 6.5.1 today. I was planning on using RHEL 7.7 but this will help others. I added a comment to (near the bottom) asking Red Hat to update that article to include the scope of 6.5.1. It seems the versions are slightly different with what you experienced and what the solution ID above cites. I've asked Red Hat to look at this, and also to consider updating the common satellite issues cited at this link



Satellite was the cleanest smoothest satellite installation I've ever done so far. I used these instructions. I used RHEL 7.7. I've built 2 satellite servers this week, both satellite servers have FIPS enabled.