Unable to register RHEL 6.9

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I am unable to register the system using subscription manager

subscription-manager list

Installed Product Status
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Product ID: 69
Version: 6.10
Arch: x86_64
Status: Unknown
Status Details:

This system was registered under RHN and I am trying to get it registered to RHSM. The command "subscription-manager register" exits after I enter the organization name. Any ideas would be appreciated. DNS resolves fine.

Error message faced:
Error Class Code: 6001
Error Class Info:
RHN is in the process of being decommissioned and systems are no longer able to receive updates or make use of any RHN services.
Please see https://access.redhat.com/articles/2979901 for more info.

Tried the following:

No luck so far.



Hello Sanjeeth Menezes

Also examine this Red Hat solution https://access.redhat.com/solutions/3639431

Check if the rpm named subscription-manager is installed on the RHEL 6.9 system you are attempting to register:

rpm -q subscription-manager

If it is not installed, you'll have to take the necessary actions to make the rpm available to that system. You might have to mount a Red Hat 6.9 server install dvd (binary, entire dvd, not the boot dvd which is much less in size).

Side note, when you can, you ought to upgrade your system to RHEL 6.10 (which is probably why you're trying to register it in the first place)

Just curious, what version of satellite are you using? Log into the web interface for your Satellite server. Determine if you are able to log in, or if it gives an error of an expiring certificate. If you are not using a satellite server, ignore that.

If by chance you are using Satellite 5, make sure the subscription certificate (xml file for satellite 5) is a current file. See this link https://access.redhat.com/tools/satcert and also this link https://access.redhat.com/management/subscription_allocations

If you are using satellite 6.x, log into the web interface and see if it gives an error of an expired manifest. If it does, make sure you have the most current "manfiest" file and you have uploaded it.

Let us know how it goes.



Hello RJ,

Thank you for getting back. Apparently there are no active subscriptions available and this is the reason I managed to find out with the reported error. Otherwise subscription-manager has been installed and foreman is being used for the satellite configuration.

Regards, Sanjeeth

Hi Sanjeeth,

See my previous reply on acquiring a new manifest or satellite certificate. We do not know which version of satellite you are using. But it sounds like (from the discussion so far) you need to acquire a new manifest or satellite certificate (certificate from this link which is also above, and install the latest file you create from that link and your subscriptions. Contact Red Hat support if you have difficulty dealing with updating your manifest or satellite certificate (these are similar, Satellite 5.7 or so uses "satellite certificate" which is not an SSL cert, but an xml file with your current subscriptions). I think Satellite 5.8 might use a "manifest" which is a zip file which took the place of the satellite certificate (mentioned in this paragraph). Satellite 6 uses a manifest.

See my previous post, and open a case with Red Hat if you encounter issues. Many deal with this when their annual "bill" from Red Hat comes due and they have to install the latest cert (described in this discussion) or "manifest" each year.

If you post back here, please let us know what version of satellite server you are running, 2) if you are able to get a new certificate (described in this thread), or manifest and 3) if you are able to update your Satellite with the latest certificate (described in this dicussion) or manifest and again, or 4) if there is another issue we haven't addressed in this duscusson so far... if needed, contact Red Hat support