Ansible configuration management in Satellite 6 - Version control - Git?

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Hi to everyone,

I was planing, after the migration from Satellite 5, to use only Ansible for configuration management in the latest 6.5 Satellite.
Is there some option, or best practice on how to do version control? Maybe with Git? Similar to file revisions in SAtellite 5 configuration files.

Thanks in advance.

Zeljko Milinovic


Hi Zelijko Milinovic,

From what I've found, this has apparently been available since satellite 6.3 according to that link. Satellite 6.5 mentions Syncing templates with git along with other Git features listed in Appendix D. In chapter 15.4 there is mention of syncing puppet modules too.

Let us know if this answers your question.



Hi RJ,

Thanks for your reply. I have read hier a little bit more over templates and ERB syntax:

For me it is still not clear the usage of Job templates. Can these be used for configuration management of the hosts with this ERB syntax? The Versioning Control of the playbooks , could this be done with TemplateSync plug-in and was it designed for this purpose? Which versioning control of configuration playbooks for servers would you suggest? Also logical grouping of the playbooks would be helpful to have. If I would use only Ansible without Tower for configuration management in satellite 6.5, how could I have efficient version control and organization of Ansible Playbooks?

Thanks in advance.