RHEL UBI base Images

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I was exploring RHEL UBI images and wanted to use Red Hat UBI with Red Hat Open JDK.
I have couple of queries regarding same:
* Under UBI the RHEL offers Pre-Built Language Runtime Container Images for nodejs, php, pyton, ruby, dotnet etc. But it does not offer Pre-Build Image for OpenJDK. Which is strange as the Red Hat is the key contributor of Open JDK community and has its own OpenJDK build.
* If we create our OpenJDK container on top of ubi-minimal image using microdnf package manager. The Open JDK package (java-1.8.0-openjdk) installing around 107 packages if base is ubi7-minimal and only 65 packages in ubi8-minimal and over all image size with open JDK is around 100 MB less in size for UBI8-minimal.
* We need to use OpenJDK8. is ubi-minimal image is sufficient for that?
* What is the planned release cycle for UBI base images?
* ubi8-minimal containers can be deployed on RHEL 7 host?
* As a best practice we must create a non privileged user but minimal image does not have adduser utility.


This is a valid question as not everyone likes to use the openjdk s2i images. Would be great to get some clarification.

In the meantime, you could check: https://edwin.baculsoft.com/2019/09/dockerfile-for-creating-a-ubi-based-docker-image-and-openjdk/ (not official, but beneficial ;)