Satellite 6 installation on RHEL8

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Just want to know can we install satellite 6 on RHEL 8 server ?

Currently I am using satellite 5.8. And want to start using satellite 6. My plan was to install on RHEL7. But as RHEL 8 become general available, thinking to install satellite 6 on RHEL8.

Any suggestions ... ?



Hi Bijo,

I looked through the docs at this link and a couple of other places. The instructions speak of installing this on RHEL 7.x (most current rhel7.x). There is nothing for installing satellite 6.x on a rhel 8 server.

Of course satellite 6.5 supports CLIENTS that happen to be RHEL 8, however, at the moment July 24th 2019, installing Satellite 6.5 is not yet supported on RHEL 8. Red Hat, if I'm wrong, please update this discussion.



This is correct. Satellite 6.5 supports RHEL8 clients. A future release of Satellite 6 will support installation of the server or capsule on RHEL8. Additionally, that future release will support a process (similar if not identical to satellite-clone) which will support migrating your Satellite from RHEL7 to RHEL8.


IMHO you are correct, in May this was stated on a Partnership meeting too. RHEL 8 clients are supported, but a Satellite install on RHEL 8 is not.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thanks RJ , Rich and Jan for the inputs. Much helpful.

Thanks Rich, Jan Gerrit Kootstra for the inputs,