Error when FIPS is enabled " No such device

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After enabling FIPS, per STIG requirement; I am recieiving the following error:

modprobe ERROR could not insert blowfish_x86_64 No such device.
modprobe ERROR could not insert camellia_x86_64 No such device.

I saw a discussion for this error, but it appear the issue was reported last year. Is there a solution to these errors?


Hello Nachay Renne,

Examine the solution at to see if your fips implementation resembles that procedure.

Additionally, I made a script I posted at that performs all necessary STIG procedures for RHEL 7/CentOS7 (not 6 or 8 and do not even bother with RHEL 5).

Now what version of RHEL are you using? This makes a difference.

I found no matching error with my search. I'd seriously recommend 1) revalidate your fips implementation with the solution I provided above 2) Open a case with Red Hat 3) consider testing the script I provided above (we use it everywhere, RHEL & Centos and it works great).