Tower 3.4.3 - Workflow Execution by REST API - no extra_vars possible

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Dear Tower Community

We have Tower 3.4.3 running, an I miss the option to set extra_vars in a workflow when it will be started by REST API.

"extra_vars": [
"Variables pdb_prefix, oracle_db_sid are not allowed on launch. Check the Prompt on Launch setting on the Workflow Job Template to include Extra Variables."

But, on level workflow template there is no checkbox like for a Job Template to enable these extra_vars by REST API with the checkbox PROMPT ON LAUNCH.

I have added a screenshot with the WF templates.

Is there another way to pass the extra_vars to the workflow?

Regards, Martin


Hey Martin - late to the discussion, but I just ran into the same problem. I was able to solve it by using the REST API. PUT "ask_variables_on_launch": true to api/v2/workflow_job_templates/{id} . I suspect there just isn't a checkbox in the Tower GUI for 3.4.3 (I haven't tried upgrading to see if this is specific to 3.4.3).


But what if I do not want to prompt on lunch?