Creating a rootfs image (Raspberry Pi 4)

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Hey I'm looking to create an image for my raspberry pi to boot, but the provided binary/boot RHEL 8 isos all required EFI compatibility to boot.

I've had luck downloading the KVM guest images and extracting the XFS partition, but they seem to be read only file systems.

So right now I'm looking to either:

a. Make the file system read/write again
b. Generate an aarch64 image with everything already installed

As for b, Image Builder looked promising, but I don't think I can use an x86_64 machine to generate aarch64 images, so I'm just kind of stuck right now

EDIT: Also I currently have a running RHEL 8 cloud image on my pi, but like I said, the filesystem is read only right now.

EDIT 2: Looks like my UUID changed, updated my fstab and root file system is writeable now


I've actually never tried to boot rpi in aarch64 (way behind in my to-do list), but here's my 5 cents.

1) kernel, I don't think RHEL stock kernel will boot on an RPi4, seems too new, maybe start testing in older devices .

2) EFI, in theory, you could use uboot to load EFI, and uboot can be loaded from the rpi loader.

3) Image, yeap, you need the right arch to generate the image, but since you managed to load the guest in KVM, that should be solved.

Having said all this, I wouldn't do any of it and actually start testing everything in Fedora, where you know you have all the latest things. Once you have the right steps, go back to RHEL and test again.

HTH. Pablo.

Tucker Thomas,

Thanks for posting about this. Please keep us informed in this discussion on your progress with this (sorry, I've not gone down this path for RHEL+RaspberryPi)




Just here to Necro this thread and see if the aarch64 image is compatible with the pi4. I know CentOS was compatible so I am assuming RHEL is probably compatible, but just wanted to check :)

I was able to get it working on the Rpi 400 with safe mode graphics, but I was unable to get the networking to work. Neither ethernet or wifi worked. it did see a mobile device via usb, hoping to get hotspot working but that too failed!

Really great!!! Wait for more good news later on.