**Unable to see the Delployed *.ear, *.war files under deployments folder in Jboss EAP version 7.1.0 admin console.**

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I need to use the features of JBOSS admin console for adding new deployments.

I see an issue with the admin console in both DEV and QA environments.

Admin console is not loading deployed applications.

Error message: Unable to load the deployments

I have checked, all the applications are up and running well. I am able to see all the deployments from the Putty like you can see in the attached 'ERROR_Screen_Shot.jpg' file below but for some reason the deployments are unable to load in the Jboss admin console version 7.1.0 like you can see in the attached 'Deployments_error_msg.png' file below.

When I had raised a ticket with the Informatica global support team to check whether the current version of Jboss version 7.1.0 could be a possible reason that is causing this issue, but they replied saying as per MDM 10.3 HF1 PAM they are supporting all versions of JBoss 7.1.x.

I believe I should be able to seeing MDM deployments in the JBoss admin console, but that part is not working for me. Before upgrading to MDM 10.3 HF1 we were able to see deployments in JBoss 6.4.

So what do you think that is causing this issue?

Please help me in fixing it.

Thank you,



I am getting the same issue in JBOSS 7.1 and MDM 10.3 HF1. I have applied JBOSS 7.1.3 patch but still getting the same problem. MDM siperian.ear files are deployed and everything is working perfectly but JBOSS deployment tab in admin console is still not displaying deployments. When i look at the JBOSS logs, there is a class not found exception. e.g

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cxf.aegis.type.AegisType from [Module "deployment.siperian-mrm.ear.zds-gui.war" from Service Module Loader]

Any help would be appreciated.