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Hello to all.
I have to install JDK 8.212 and Jboss EAP 7.2 on W2016
During the installation (I use GUI) I add a password vault and datasource.
Then I set some datasource using web console and find in standalone.xml that only first datasource was masked by password vault like ${VAULT::datasource.mydata::password::1}.
All other datasource password are in blank text.
How can I automate replacing blank text password to masked by vault?
How can I add datasource inserting blank text password in web console to store masked in standalone.xml, or I have to manually add it in vault and then insert this mask in web?


The vault is not intended to be updated from within JBoss. In fact, updates are only incorporated during the JBoss EAP startup. So, each set of updates require a server restart to become accessible. Therefore, you need to make vault entry changes from the command line using the before entering entry-references in the config files.